Cash flow and how to manage it

11 July

Has your business experienced negative cash flow and left you feeling stressed? Learn about cash flow and how to manage it with confidence in this post.   Company owners usually struggle with the need to strike a balance between their income and...[Read More]

A comprehensive guide to managing personal finances

18 July

The importance of personal financial planning can’t be overstated, regardless of your age. Proper financial planning can offer a safety net for you and your family while giving you the freedom to make informed choices. Many adults worry about the...[Read More]

Five common life insurance questions to ask

18 July

Like any other insurance policy, life insurance has many variations to meet different users’ needs. Thus, before choosing one, you must determine what you need in a life insurance policy. The best way to determine the best policy is by evaluating...[Read More]

Navigating the intricacies of family Law: Why professional guidance is essential

18 July

Family law is a highly sensitive niche that profoundly impacts the lives of individuals and families.  Given its intricate nature, seeking professional advice is paramount to effectively navigating its complexities.  Here, we explore some trending...[Read More]

RBA to get jobs piece of the puzzle ahead of rates call

18 July

Australia’s central bank will sift through fresh jobs numbers ahead of the cash rate call next month. In the lead-up to that call the Australian share market on Friday closed at its highest level ever after a bigger-than-expected inflation drop in...[Read More]

Inspired living: Cultivating self-motivation and purpose

18 July

Self-inspiration is a transformative process, igniting our internal drive and pushing us toward our goals with newfound energy and enthusiasm.  It is the spark that fuels our passion, creativity, and resilience. Inspiration is not a fleeting moment...[Read More]

Make sure you follow these tips when getting ready for a holiday overseas

18 July

If you plan to embark on overseas travel, then it’s crucial to be prepared. For sure, the thought of holidaying overseas is exciting. However, aside from mastering what to pack for a holiday abroad, make sure you follow these tips to ensure you...[Read More]

What you need to know about home improvement

18 July

Embarking on a home improvement can be an exciting and rewarding process. It can transform your living space and increase the value of your property. With so many informative videos and other great resources online, there’s a thriving culture...[Read More]

Rate hike chance ‘incredibly slim’ in bumpy last mile

18 July

Higher shipping costs and other hiccups are complicating the central bank’s task of lowering inflation, yet economists say a bumpy last mile was expected. The next set of quarterly inflation numbers, which tops the Reserve Bank’s watchlist ahead...[Read More]

Call to tax companies that replace workers with AI

18 July

Businesses that replace workers with artificial intelligence tools should pay additional taxes, an inquiry will hear, as well as calls for restrictions on the use of the technology and greater government oversight. The calls are expected at the...[Read More]

Controversial ‘travel tax’ behind border security boost

17 July

Tourists are being charged more to leave Australia, as the federal government attempts to bolster biosecurity funding. An additional $47.1 million had been delivered to the biosecurity system after a change to the government’s fees and charges,...[Read More]